I’ve traded papers for pixels.

I spent this week transferring all the information from my dozens of index cards onto my laptop. Not only that, I’ve also reviewed and expanded each scene, making sure they all fit logically into the overall novel and refining and clarifying my ideas where necessary.

I do my writing with a fantastic program called Scrivener. Unlike Word, Scrivener lets me toggle back and forth between virtual index cards and the actual text of my book. Having already decided what happens and who’s present in every single scene of the book should make the task of writing this draft MUCH easier.

As you can see in the photo, I’ve colour-coded each of my main characters’ scenes, as well as the keywords for various subplots. I’m going to write this draft with alternating points of view, so these pretty colours are helping me keep track of what gets mentioned or written at different points in the story.

Now that my novel outline is fully, completely, 100% finished and digitized, I get to start writing this draft. Here we go!


One thought on “Digitization

  1. Emilie Guillet says:

    It almost feels that the hardest part is done. You have the story, now you need to make it readable. Good writing!


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