Rebecca Morris is available for talks, readings and writing workshops for teens and adults. She is a former high school teacher and a participant in the Quebec Writers in CÉGEPs program.

Possible topics for workshops include story structure, character development, point of view, descriptive writing, revision strategies and online writing tools and resources. Whether online or in-person, Rebecca’s workshops feature prompts, writing exercises and group discussions. In addition to workshops and readings, she also offers talks and discussions on creativity, the writing life and different roads to publication. 

Workshops and talks are tailored to individual school/class requirements. Please contact Rebecca to discuss plans and availability.

“I really really loved the writing exercises… [Rebecca] was great! Each class was well thought out and I enjoyed hearing her perspective on the craft.”

Workshop participant

Sample activities and workshop notes:

“It was a supportive environment, and I enjoyed the practical, hands-on aspect. There was lots of participation, and not just passive listening…. Rebecca was very friendly, welcoming and organized. The lessons were well thought-out and built the skills that we were discussing. She is a gifted teacher!”

Workshop participant

Past workshops:

Story Architecture: a QWF Fiction Workshop

Online workshop, March-April 2021

While every story requires building blocks such as plot, characters, and setting, these blocks can be organized and assembled in many different ways. Writers in this online workshop will experiment with chronology, geography, and narrative to craft the architecture of their stories. Using prompts and writing exercises, participants will learn when to use flashbacks, why to transition between scenes, and how to create parallel plots with multiple character arcs. We will also study and discuss texts with unusual, non-linear narratives to expand our toolbox of narrative techniques. 

The workshop will also explore the use of diagrams and outlines to create narrative blueprints. Mind maps, spreadsheets, colour coding, notecards, and prose outlines can all be used to organize a story’s basic components, and we will examine how these techniques can be used at different stages of the writing process. Participants will be encouraged to share their work, with the workshop leader providing constructive feedback on first drafts and story fragments. Above all, this workshop will be a place for experimentation and discovery.