Pushing forward

My momentum is faltering.

I had a great daily routine set up of writing 1000 words a day, chugging steadily ahead on this draft of my book. I’ve been following my outline, which means I know the basic parameters for each scene as I sit down to write it. Every day, I felt good about making progress with this draft.

Then life started to get in the way.

First, we had to get some work done on the house, so we had various workmen traipsing in and out, putting in wires, installing gas lines and (inevitably) creating new problems that also needed fixing. This did not foster a particularly conducive writing environment.

Then, last week, we had lots of visitors from out of town (and across the sea) to celebrate my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. This was a tremendous success but it also meant my writing routine went fully out the window.

Now I’ve got one more week of my kids attending school, then winter holidays begin and they’re home for two solid weeks of vacation. I’m planning on writing 5000 words this week, then I have to hang up my writer hat for the duration of the school break.

What can I do but keep pushing forward? Onward, upward, step by painstaking step, word by word. Slower than I’d like, but hey, at least I’m moving in the right direction.


2 thoughts on “Pushing forward”

  1. I’m happy to have spent the afternoon with you! Come January you can get back into your routine. The holidays will be a forced vacation. Just like teaching, maybe the break will give you a fresh view of the task ahead.


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