You win some

Good news first: I finished the rewrite of my story! I even managed to keep it under 3000 words, which was my goal. Hooray! I’m very happy to have this new version done and sent off to my writing group so I can get their feedback next week.

This story (“Rabenmutter”) was first written back in the spring and it needed a major overhaul, with a bunch of new characters and even a new ending. After so many weeks of working on my novel outline, it was wonderful to spend a few days immersed in a different fictional world, playing with language and putting actual sentences together.

Which brings me to my second goal for this week; finishing the scene-by-scene outline for my book. Nope, that’s not done. I had really hoped to have it finished by the end of this week, but it’s just not there.

This is not a major setback; today was a totally arbitrary deadline. Still, I’m feeling a little down about not meeting this goal.

I know, I know: I need to take the time to get my outline done properly; I have to develop all the story arcs and resolve all my major plot questions and problems. The whole point of an outline is to work through all the tricky elements of the novel so that I can write my next draft with clarity and confidence. As much as I like deadlines, I need to be realistic, patient and flexible.

In summary: one writing goal met and one postponed. Onward!

1 thought on “You win some”

  1. Ooh, I would love to read your new version of Rabbenmutter. The imagery of the first version definitely stayed with me.
    I’m sorry you feel down about not making your other deadline. Two deadlines in one week was maybe too much.
    P.S. Friday afternoon next week, I am planning on knitting and tea with you if you are available 🙂


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