Cards on the table

See all those index cards, neatly arranged, grouped and labelled? They represent my book. Every single scene in my novel is sketched out on those cards.

I’ve spent weeks laying out these cards, day after day. I’ve moved scenes around, adding and subtracting events and characters, shaping the timeline for various subplots. I’ve spent hours poring over these pieces of paper as I worked out the structure of this story, leaning over my dining room table until my lower back ached and my vision blurred.

Today, finally, I think I’m done.

(Yes, I’ll take that applause. Thank you!)

So what’s my next step?

Well, these old-fashioned index cards have been mighty useful for planning this novel, but I’m ready to rejoin the 21st century.

Monday morning, I’m going digital. I’ll be opening up a new file in my favourite writing program and I’ll transpose each and every scene into this digital framework. Then I’ll be ready to rock and roll and start writing.

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